Executive Director

Apeh Harrison is an ace architect, multi-talented leader at the helm of affairs at multiple companies, such as Minds and lines, Minds Media/Minds Magazine to mention a few.

He's the executive producer of the viral "Yawa" series and convener of the Youth Economic Summit.

An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Architect Apeh is a passionate and vocal advocate of the creative uses of the mind to change the nation and world at large.

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A seasoned lawyer, Barrister Paul is Chairman/ CEO of Raw Gold Entertainment, Company Secretary/ Legal adviser of Post Service Housing Development Ltd, which is the implementing organization of the Nigerian Army Housing scheme, a position that he has held since 2007.
Samuel Ikani is a trainer, productivity consultant and a financial planning guru. He celebrates innovation, entrepreneurship and brilliance especially when demonstrated by young people.

Pharmacist, CEO of Corporate Aurum, a firm that branches into pharmaceuticals, grooming and distribution. Certified practitioner, trainer and coach on Emotional intelligence by Six-Seconds, USA. Certified Anger management and Stress management professional by Century Anger management, USA and Beautiful Life International USA respectively .

He is also a remarkable Speaker and a radical entrepreneur with a host of great investment to his credit and Certified massage therapist by City & Guilds UK.

A Project Management guru, certified A- rated Aviation Professional and environmentalist. Mr. Victor is a Senior Special Adviser at the office of the Senate President. He is a super achiever demanded on several committees and positions at the highest levels of policy formulation and implementation.

He has served as Special Assistant to several Ministers, providing sound technical innovative ideas and seeing them through. He is passionate advocate of Strategic Planning, Efficiency and Innovative thinking.

He is an itinerant Preacher, Thinker and a prolific writer/blogger. An astute communicator, he is also a strategy consultant.
Gideon, an Alumnus of the prestigious Oxford university, is an intellectual of distinct qualities and finesse. His poetic and oratorical dexterity spurs his audience on all levels.