PURPLE - Purple Urban And Rural Progressive Leadership and Empowerment Foundation - are a non profit and non-religious organization.

We are fully solution – oriented, a quality that we have consciously developed over the years solely because we have realized in dealing with several Nigerians and observing news and current events emanating from Nigeria that a sizable number of the country’s citizens are problem – focused with few solutions being proffered to address key issues. A case in point is the pronouncement by the former president about the state of affairs of the current youth, without outlining plausible solutions to the malaise that had hitherto been identified. We have ascertained that Nigerian youth have vivid ideas about their future and some have actually developed tangible strategies for achieving their goals, however they have been constrained by the prevailing mindset and cultural expectations. 

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  • To promote urban and rural progressive leadership and empowerment amongst the youths.
  • Organization of leadership empowerment training, conferences and programmes for youths.
  • Organization of development programmes for youths and teenagers in schools, communities and institutions.
  • Award of both need and merit based scholarships for youths and teenagers with leadership potential.
  • Coordination of leadership programmes.


Membership of the foundation is open to all tribes, race and religion that are ready to abide by its principles and rules. Members are expected to attend meetings and make contribution towards the implementation or programmes/projects.


With this as our drive, we have successfully trained over 6,000 youths in 5 different locations in Nigeria (still counting) through the youth economic summit (YES). We have also trained over 1,500 teenagers in a number of locations through the TEN (Teen’s Empowerment Network) seminars and skill acquisition programs. Our passion which aligns to the greater use of the mind has propelled this drive.

MISSION: The responsibility to build ourselves and become self-sufficient, totally independent of the government solely belongs to us. With this in mind, YES attempts to provide a network of great minds that will produce a large voltage of information and materials that will drive the consciousness of self-sufficient thinkers and great goal getter to a positive change in the society.

VISION: To positively develop the Nigerian youth intellectually as well as economically. To help the Nigerian youth to be solution oriented and psychologically independent.


From scholarships to school basics like books, uniforms and footwear, little grants are given to the parents of these wards. Also medical treatment and diagnosis is given to benefactors without access to support.