TEN+ (formerly YES)

Money Intelligence, Strategic Partnership and Sterling Leadership.

TEN+ (formerly called YES) is an economic summit geared towards empowering youth and equipping them with some of the necessary tools that they require to begin to aspire to greatness. Leadership is a quality that begins from the personal unit. Before an individual can lay claims to taking charge of a group of individuals, they must have developed the requisite mindset and applied principles from their home.


  • To positively develop the Nigerian Youth intellectually as well as economically.
  • To help the Nigerian Youth be solutions-oriented and psychologically independent.


The responsibility to build ourselves and become self sufficient, totally independent of the government solely belongs to us. With this in mind, YES summit attempts to provide a network of great minds that will provide a large voltage of information and material that will drive the consciousness of self sufficient thinkers and great goal getters to a positive change in the society.